18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan- When grappling with one major worldwide catastrophe, COVID-19, it’s easy to forget about what else could go wrong. We all have our concerns about the one two punch of multiple SHTF scenarios hitting us at once.

When grappling with one major worldwide catastrophe, COVID-19, it’s easy to forget about what else could go wrong. We all have our concerns about the one two punch of multiple SHTF scenarios hitting us at once.

Of course, most people are looking to an ailing economy for the next blow! Could we slide from pandemic to depression?

As tensions rise in the South China sea and our global enemies are emboldened by an end to the heavy handed Trump era of US Military buildup, should we bring our focus back to the effects of a potential EMP? Iran? North Korea?

Remember, peace on earth doesn’t even protect us from a CME blowing out of the sun’s surface and shutting the lights out here on planet earth, maybe forever. Are you prepared for that?

We are going to look at 18 deadly mistakes that can kill your EMP plan.

Bugout Location

18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan

Depending on where you live, a bugout location might be the absolute best option you have.

If you are in an urban or suburban sprawl you need a safe place to avoid the chaos. This is especially important. When the resources run out and the tap water runs out, people will go crazy.

The EMP is the straightest path to SHTF because the flow of goods and services gets shut off instantly.

Bugout Vehicles

If your bugout plan hinges on a bugout vehicle that will be affected by an EMP then that will most certainly kill your plans in an EMP.

You will find yourself having to get to a location on foot in the chaos following an EMP.


An EMP plan is very personal.

18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan

You are talking about reestablishing the way you live, and the way society works. The best bet might be to run away.

However, if you do not have a bugout location far, far away, then you need to prioritize your neighbors and community.

It will be local markets, growers and PEOPLE who help you survive something like this.

Faraday Cage

The Faraday cage is designed to protect your most precious electronics from an EMP’s damaging effects.

If you do not have a Faraday cage, then that means your electronic life will come to an end when that EMP hits. No communications, no electronic documentation and no backed up prepper’s library for rebuilding after the EMP.


18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan

The most important things you put in a Faraday cage will be a few methods of communication.

Without a means of communicating, you will not be able to reach out to the world or even stay in touch with family if you are split up.

You should have several means of communication stowed inside a Faraday cage.

Two way radios and maybe a HAM setup. There will be preppers taking advantage of that frequency after an EMP.

Moderate Agriculture Plans

It’s not to say that you need to turn your home and land into a full scale garden.

small garden

But if you don’t have some plans to produce a little food after an EMP then you are likely going to go hungry.

The supply chain will be destroyed, and even local farmers will be at a distance that many suburbanites will consider impossible to traverse.

No Practice

If you wake up in a cold sweat to find that all the lights are off in your home, cell is off and car doesn’t work, what is next? You do not want your dry run to be the moment when it all matters.

If you do not practice your EMP plan before the world grinds to a halt, you will regret it.

Off Grid Living Plan

18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan

If you do not address your life off grid, then you are going to have some serious challenges when you are thrust into that kind of situation.

All aspects of what you do on a daily basis will have to be achieved without electronics and without outside services.

If you do not have an off grid living plan, then you do not have an EMP plan.

Area Study

Do you know about the threats, resources, and nuances of your area? Have you done an area study to identify things like the dangerous gangs in your community?

Even in rural areas there are pockets of crime and drugs and you should be aware of them.

An area study might take you a whole weekend but its precious information you will refer to in times of chaos.

Off Grid Heat

18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan

If you do not have a plan for heating your home following an EMP then you are going to find out all about how cold and miserable the winter months can be.

Whether it’s wood for your fireplace or kerosene for your heater, you need a solution to off grid heat when the heat pumps and oil fired heaters stop blowing hot air.

Having No Plan

Of course, the worse plan to handle a potential EMP is not having a plan at all!

Long Term Food Storage

You gotta eat and the supermarkets will basically be empty in days, without any hopes of being restocked.

Prepper Pantry

Food will not be traveling around the nation.

Look around. The food you have at home is the food that you will have to live on until you start growing and preserving your own food or setup channels of barter with others who are producing food.

Health and Fitness

Having a well written and thorough EMP plan is a great start.

However, does your health and fitness level match up with what’s in your plan? Can you execute in your current condition?

Not taking care of your health and physical fitness is not just one of the biggest mistakes in EMP planning but in all of prepping!

Water Purification

There are some particularly important machines that are responsible for cleaning our tap water.

18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan

Remember, an EMP shuts it all off.

That means the water coming out of your tap could be dangerous. That is, if the taps run at all!

You might be putting yourself and your family at incredible risk if you do not have a means of purifying water at home.

Water Sourcing

Where do you get all of your water if the tap runs dry? What if the water that comes out of the tap is black?

Your EMP plan is not complete until you sit down and identify true water resources in your area. The best being naturally occurring water resources are rivers, lakes and springs.

Acting Quickly

Map plan

The point of things like practice and planning is to add a level of speed and efficacy to your game.

Your EMP plan is undoubtedly one that should be executed quickly.

There will be an enormous level of panic that will be unleashed when people realize the power is gone and it is never coming back.

This will be like nothing you have ever seen. If you get caught up in this, it could mean your life.


Your EMP plan is doomed if you cannot pull intelligence from local, community and national resources. When the TV goes off in an EMP it will not come back on.

However, a simple emergency radio stored in your Faraday cage will give you the ability to hear emergency messages coming from the government.

Local intelligence will be important, too. How is this EMP affecting your city or county? Also talking to those in your community can alert you to local threats and opportunities.

Get Your Family Involved

18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan

An EMP plan is going to include your family. So, you should include your family in the planning and the practice of that plan.

Remember, we talked about acting quickly. You cannot plan on acting quickly if everyone is in your family is not versed in what they are responsible for in that plan.

Maybe nothing will sink your EMP plan faster than a family that it totally unaware of what you are trying to achieve.

We should all pray to never see the world shuddered by an EMP. There are no winners in that game. However, as a prepper you should be prepared to act, even in this situation. As you can see, there are a number of things that can turn your EMP response into a nightmare.

Start with an understanding of your area, build a plan that best positions you for life off the grid and then practice that plan with your family.

Life after electricity won’t be easy for anyone, except those people who are already living without electronics. For the rest of us, it’s going to be one serious hangover. Get away from the chaos of highly populated areas and begin forging a new life.

Above all, avoid these EMP plan pitfalls.

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